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Custom Mirrors Cutting Shaped Design

Custom Mirrors – Learning to cut a mirror on your own has several benefits. You can create any design or form without having to settle for what is available in the market. Also, because you can design them on your own, you’ll save money on expensive mirrors. Actually, cutting a mirror is a confusing term, since you will not cut it too much but will do what is known as a controlled break.

Home Depot Custom Mirrors

Home Depot Custom Mirrors

In this process, you will mark or scratch the surface of the custom mirrors in the area where you want to cut it. Choose a resistant and uncut mirror for the project. If you want to cut it in a personalized way, use any mirror. Clean and dry the mirror well. Clean the surface of the mirror using a glass cleaner, or rubbing alcohol, and a microfiber cloth. Wear protective equipment during the process of marking and breaking the mirror, tiny pieces of glass will be released.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Custom Mirrors Cutting Shaped Design

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Image of: Home Depot Custom Mirrors

Choose a tool to cut custom mirrors that is of quality and meets your needs. Most of these tools have a carbide cutting wheel on the end, which scratches the glass, and is attached to some kind of handle. Choose a tool to cut glass with which you can make the design you want. Some of these tools are designed to mark straight lines, while others make curved lines. Measure and mark the cut lines with a straight edge.